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Get it on Google Play

Doing more with less with VIABI

Virtual Intelligent assistant for business interactions

  • Powered with artificial intelligence
  • Control your activity with voice commands
  • Increase your performance and productivity to a high level
  • Get the best of your company with more time and comfort


To use VIABI with pre-integrated business modules

For professionals and corporations who need advanced voice controlled business modules for an immediate usage

Contract management

Create manage and overview contracts lifecycle with workflows and approvals, versions-control, prebuilt templates, completion tracking and alerts

Smart CRM

A perfect solution to manage leads and clients, support and opportunities, invoices and quotes, KPI's, email marketing and much more in one place

Human Resources

The simpliest way for scheduling groups and persons, managing time and attendance, payrolls, expense reports and leaves and much more

Business Intelligence

Make realtime analytics and choose among dashboards of each business modules to create your own KPI's

Rights and privileges

Sécure the access of your data with rights and privileges, accounts and passwords for each collaborator


Track and record during every step of the process of production the information you could be asked for from your final customer with barecode and RFID support

And much more...


Powerful indicators with the Business Intelligence

Realtime analytics and KPI's for each business module

  • Integrated module of Business Intelligence
  • Put your analytics in the business module of your choice
  • Self-service BI
  • Mobile support

A new generation of Business Modules

Choosen from the most pointful Business Modules

  • Workflow management
  • Collaborators loyalty with an integrated reward system

Powerful apps to focus on the core of your business

Concentrate your energy and focus on essentials

  • Collaborator personnal space
  • Projects, tasks, leaves, scheduled hours, prospects and clients reminders in one place
  • Designed to gain time and efficiency


Make you apps interact with voice and make the difference !

Already have you own app or system and want to create your own virtual assistant for you, your employees and customers ?

1. Create an account

Submit your application and download VIABI for your smartphone. Your account will be prepared and activated

2. Create conversations

Create conversations and dynamic dialogues for you business and connect with your own data

3. Start making voice commands

Start using voice commands to display and record data from your own app


Try our beta programs for free and give us feedbacks to make it better

How do I test VIABI ?

  1. 1. Download the app

    Get it on Google Play

  2. 2. Click on the link Beta user in the login page as follows, you will be redirected to an account with prefilled data for an immediate testing

Where can I submit my feedbacks ?

You can send feedbacks within the app as shown in this screenshot.

VIABI API (beta)

Recommended for developers

  • 1 User Account
  • Unlimited queries
  • Unlimited testing
  • Voice commands
  • VIABI API access

VIABI GCS (beta)

Recommended for non technical users

  1. 1 User Account
  2. Prefilled data
  3. Unlimited testing
  4. Voice commands
  5. Guide

Help & Support

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