Last updated: June 30th, 2019


What is VIABI ?

VIABI is the the AI virtual assistant with voice commands for professionals and stands for Virtual Intelligent Assistant for Business Interactions

Why VIABI doesn't know the weather ?

At the opposite of chatbots and classic conversational assistants, VIABI has been designed for a professional usage. While VIABI covers hundreds of functionnalities, it is not infinite and then can not respond to everything

I'm making a report but I don't know what are the categories to filter and make regroupements

If you don't know the categories, you can ask for a report with the simpliest query in this format : The [FUNCTION] of [ENTITY TO ANALYZE], where FUNCTION is amoung Total, Sum, Average, Minimum, Maximum. VIABI will show you then the categories and the available regroupements

Where is my data stored ?

Your data is stored in both Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud Platform servers with a daily backup. Terms of services are available here for google and here for Amazon.