Quick Start

Last updated: November 15th, 2019
General presentation

VIABI GCS documentation

A quick guide to use VIABI connected to the business modules of GCS

Ask for skills :

"What are your skills ?"
Variant : "What can you do ?"

To know how a skill work :

"How to make a [name of the skill]"

Reporting :

Example 1 :
"Amount of sales for 2018"

Change the period with saying for example : "2019"
Change the chart saying : "display as a line"

Choose the entity to analyse : "the list of available entities"
Choose the chart : "list of available charts"
Choose a function : "list of functions "

Example 2 :
"The number of contracts by status"
"The amount of expenses"
"The amount of expense reports by category"


You can have access to all GCS business modules faster with VIABI
To know the business modules you can have access to, you can say : "the list of available entities", there is a label named "liste" that means that this entity can be listed.

Listing is very simple, you can say :
"Display the list of clients"

Where clients represents one of the listable entities.

Another cool functionality of listing, you can have access directly to one element of the list. Let's imagine that you want to display some information about one of your clients, then you can say :

"Can I have information about the client Vision microsystems ?"


You can display the cashflow saying : "display my cashflow"


You can display your schedule saying : "display my schedule"

And choose the schedule of a specific period : "display my schedule for the next week"

Ask for your schedule for a specific day : "what's the plan for tomorrow ?"


You can stop a conversation saying : "cancel "
Variant : "stop", "cancel everything"

Removing the last record

You can remove the last record you have made saying : "remove the last record"

Knowing what Viabi is doing :

Just ask : "what are you doing ?"

Knowing what was the last action that Viabi made

Just ask : "what did you do ?"

Knowing what you have just said

Ask : "what did I say ?"