VIABI : The AI Virtual assistant
The most advanced AI voice activated virtual assistant for businesses
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Get it on Google Play

Doing more with less with VIABI

Virtual Intelligent assistant for business interactions

  • Powered with artificial intelligence
  • Control your activity over 100+ voice commands
  • Increase your performance and productivity to a high level
  • Get the best of your company with more time and comfort

Fast Data-visualisation with VIABI

List over 100+ entities with voice commands

  • Access faster to the data and gain time
  • Get visibility from your mobile with ease
  • Do multiple things in the same time

Feed your dataset with VIABI

Record your information with voice command and AI computer vision

  • Gain more mobility to work wherever you are
  • Keep your focus and energy to be more efficient
  • Gain more time without stress

Gain visibility with VIABI

Make realtime dynamic reports and analytics over 100+ entities

  • Make dynamic reports for entities and regroupements over periods and categories and gain time
  • Get the insights to get the right information in the right moment
  • Make the best decisions based on realtime insights
  • Make comparisons


Use VIABI with pre-integrated business modules

For professionals and corporations who need advanced voice activated business modules for an immediate usage

Contract management

Create manage and overview contracts lifecycle with workflows and approvals, versions-control, prebuilt templates, completion tracking and alerts

Smart CRM

A perfect solution to manage leads and clients, support and opportunities, invoices and quotes, KPI's, email marketing and much more in one place

Human Resources

The simpliest way for scheduling groups and persons, managing time and attendance, payrolls, expense reports and leaves and much more

Business Intelligence

Make realtime analytics and choose among dashboards of each business modules to create your own KPI's

Rights and privileges

Secure the access of your data with rights and privileges, accounts and passwords for each collaborator

Project management

Create and manage multiple projects, add tasks and assign them to your collaborators



Important : Special sanitary crisis COVID-19

VIABI team has mobilized to provide the right solutions to continue to work from home with a significant reduction in prices.


$25 user / month
$300 user / year
  • Up to 5 User Account
  • Up to 10 Team Members
  • VIABI (Limited on time)
  • Standart support
  • Customizable


  • Custom VIABI functionnalities
  • On premise installations
  • Integrations
  • Unlimited users
  • Specific domain address
  • Custom support


Make you apps interact with voice and make the difference !

Already have you own app or system and want to create your own virtual assistant for you, your employees and customers ?

1. Create an account

Submit your application and download VIABI for your smartphone. Your account will be prepared and activated

2. Connect the backend with your data

Integrate the VIABI API components and connect it with your own data

3. Start making voice commands

Start using voice commands to display and record data from your own app

Help & Support

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